Each unit in the 300,000- to 1 million-Btuh Modulex line of condensing boilers is now equipped with a boiler communications module (BCM) to enhance communications and support integration with building automation systems. In addition, the line has recently been approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for propane installations and for breech venting of multiple units through a ceiling or sidewall. Existing equipment can be retrofitted with the new BCM module and/or be converted from natural gas units to propane fire operation. Each boiler combines between two and seven independent, 151,500-Btuh, pre-assembled thermal modules housed in a common enclosure. Each module has its own dedicated controller with a combustion safeguard, variable-speed fan, modulating gas valve, electronic ignition, modulating burner, flow temperature sensor, thermostat, and heat exchanger. Units can support low gas pressure applications and can be vented using PVC materials.

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