NEW YORK - New zoning solutions could be found from several exhibitors at the 2008 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).


Arzel Zoning Technology( introduced its Zonocity™ Series, which is the first manufactured system designed specifically for high-velocity zoning applications. Spokesperson Joe Rammoni noted that zoning makes whole-house comfort possible with one HVAC system, giving homeowners more control over their environment with fewer pieces of equipment. The Zonocity product line contains everything needed to create up to three individually controlled comfort zones with one air handler. It uses an MPS control panel with air-driven, insertable EzySlide™ dampers.

With the company’s patented 2-inch damper, each branch of the zone system can be controlled separately, with outlets tied together as necessary to craft a cost-effective comfort solution in either new construction or retrofit applications. A complete Zonocity kit is available that simplifies ordering, speeds up installation, and eliminates the need to order individual parts.

DuroZone’s ED panels are protected by a built-in circuit breaker and are compatible with almost any thermostat on the market.

DuroZone( featured its new ED Zone Panels, which are configurable microprocessor-based control panels. The ED3 and ED4 are suitable for use with gas-electric, oil, electric, conventional, and dual-fuel heat pumps with two stages of cooling. Spokesperson Pat Rossetto noted the ED4 can also be programmed for fresh air intake, in accordance with local codes. DIP switches on each panel allow the contractor to program the panel to operate in virtually any application. The ED panels are protected by a built-in circuit breaker and are compatible with almost any thermostat on the market.

ZoneFirst( highlighted several new products, including the Flow Zone™ wiring zoning system, which eliminates wiring necessary for zoning. Individual dampers are powered by the air movement in the duct, and the dampers are wirelessly communicated to by a central controller that replaces the existing HVAC thermostat.

Also introduced was the Wireless Thermostat and Receiver, which is used to easily add zoning into any existing home or building without the added labor required to run the extra thermostat wires. The new Outlet Zone Damper was also on display, and it features an internally mounted motor within the frame of the damper.

President Richard Foster noted, “The damper can be inserted into the opening of the ducts that are covered by floor and wall registers and ceiling diffusers. This makes zoning easy in older homes where you can’t get at the ductwork.” The last product introduced was the Freshex Air Cycler, which is a ventilation control that ties into the furnace and air conditioner and cycles in fresh air. Foster added that this product is a low-cost alternative to an HRV/ERV and provides a simple ventilation solution.

Publication Date:02/18/2008