GreenGuard®-certified ToughGard™ R-EP duct liner with enhanced surface provides acoustical and thermal control and antimicrobial protection in duct systems. Composed of rotary-type glass fibers firmly bonded with a thermosetting resin overlaid with durable, fire-resistant black composite surface on the airstream side, the duct liner is used primarily as acoustical and thermal insulation for sheet metal ductwork. It absorbs unwanted crosstalk, equipment, and air rush noise. It also helps minimize loss of heated and cooled air, cutting energy costs and maintaining a steady temperature, says the company. The product’s airstream surface contains an Environmental Protection Agency-registered antimicrobial agent that reduces potential of microbial growth. It can be used in most types of heating and cooling duct systems operating at velocities up to 6,000 fpm and temperatures up to 250ºF.

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