The Inverter Series mini-split heat pump air conditioner is part of the Art Cool product line of design-oriented air conditioners. Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter compressor continues to operate at a low speed to maintain that temperature. The models have efficiency ratings ranging from 16 to 19.7 SEER and four different Btu levels, ranging from 9,000 to 24,000 Btu. The unit’s Chaos Swing feature creates a more natural flow of air, to eliminate hot or cold spots from a room with computer-controlled vanes that simulate a natural breeze. Its Plasma Air Purifying System removes air impurities through a four-stage process, offering users a healthier living environment, says the company. The energy management wireless wall thermostat accessory kit is optional. The occupancy sensor automatically turns off the air conditioner when a room is unoccupied. Color finishes include the standard mirror finish and optional panel colors such as an organic cream white, art flower gold, and snow flower white.

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