The NTZ Model reciprocating compressors, designed for use with R-404A and R-507, have improved EER, lower sound level, and a smaller footprint. According to the manufacturer, they are engineered for freezing applications - commercial freezers (including walk-ins), ice flakers, ice cream machines, and other low-temperature applications, including medical and scientific equipment. The units have capacities from 3,400 to 24,000 Btuh and replace LTZ products. The new units have EERs of up to 4.2. Because motors in the new compressors are 100 percent suction gas cooled, no additional liquid injection or its associated components are needed. NTZ motors are optimized at -31°/104°F for efficiency over the application range. They are available in 50 and 60Hz and single- and three-phase versions for common voltages.

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