Fifteen years ago Douglas Ingram began installing and servicing heating and air equipment as a part-time job just for extra money. As he continued to provide quality products at affordable prices, his customer base soon began to increase due to the referrals of his satisfied customers. After a year, this business known as Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment had grown so rapidly that Ingram decided to make this his full-time career.

Today, Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment ( continues to operate as a family-owned business that enjoys getting to know customers as it launches the second version of its successful online presence.

Five years ago the company brought its business online. The firm has used the latest technologies to provide customers with additional support and purchase options.

“Whether you need pure, crystal-clear water, or refreshingly clean air, both now lie at your fingertips,” said Ingram. “With just a few clicks, you can enjoy the security of these treasured elements in your very own home. All of Ingram’s products are made in the U.S.A. and are guaranteed to satisfy your expectations.”

Ingram’s specializes in the Goodman line of products and believes in their philosophy of being “the highest quality, lowest cost producer of heating and air conditioning equipment in the world.”

Publication date:01/14/2008