PORTLAND, Ore. - AirAdvice Inc. joined with international corporate partner, Shinyei Kaisha, to launch AirAdvice Japan™. This new entity is the Japanese market version of the HomeAdvice™.

“We’re honored to work with Shinyei Kaisha to launch AirAdvice Japan,” said Jim Crowder, AirAdvice CEO. “We’ve enjoyed a fruitful research and development partnership with Shinyei for years, including exclusive developments available in North America only through AirAdvice. When Shinyei approached us about licensing our consumer business model, we found that it was a good strategic fit with a strong and well-established partner as well as an excellent market expansion decision. Clean, comfortable indoor air is a universal concern, and Shinyei expects broad success with AirAdvice Japan.”

AirAdvice and Shinyei Kaisha have worked in partnership for the last seven years to bring innovative indoor air quality sensor technology to Asian and North American markets. AirAdvice’s intellectual capital contribution to Shinyei’s product development led, in turn, to Shinyei’s adoption of the AirAdvice business model. “At Shinyei, we are very pleased to take our relationship with AirAdvice to the next level with the launch of AirAdvice Japan,” said Taro Nakagawa, business development manager at Shinyei Kaisha.

“We value our years of working together and the mutual benefit we have achieved by incorporating AirAdvice’s technological advances into our sensor products. We now look forward to expanding our markets based not only on these advances, but also on our adoption of the AirAdvice business model - the foundation of the new AirAdvice Japan program. Japanese consumers want clean, healthy air inside their homes; with AirAdvice Japan, Shinyei is in a unique position to deliver the testing and solutions that meet this need.”

For more information, visit www.airadvice.com or www.airadvice.jp.

Publication date:12/24/2007