Allstyle has coil and plenum in one installed product, so the contractor does not have to purchase the supply air plenum or spend time assembling the plenum to the coil. All models are 36 inches tall with up to 12 different cabinet widths available to fit flush with most gas furnace models.

eProduct 161

Aqua Systems has refrigerant-to-water heat exchangers, which the company said are high-efficiency heat exchangers for refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

eProduct 162

One of the newest developments at Aspen is the announcement that its C Series coils will now be warranted for 10 years from the date of installation (not to exceed 11 years from date of manufacture). The new warranty and registration card can be downloaded at the company’s Website.

eProduct 163

Coils can be dipped or sprayed at Bronz-Glow’s facilities. The company also provides a field coating service. The company said its Husky Coil Coat is “versatile, offering excellent flexibility and pH protection of 1.0-14.” The company also provides a warranty program.

eProduct 164

Century’s MHN Series of cased coils is rated at 14 SEER minimum when matched with the company’s RSE condensing units and HRE heat pumps. The multiposition design features aluminum fins bonded to internally grooved copper tubing for efficiency, the company said. The coil case is insulated, while the corrosionproof, heat-resistant drain pan maximizes installation flexibility, the company said.

eProduct 165

Coil Company provides steam distributing, DX, chilled/hot water, or tube bundles with five- and 10-day shipping schedules. The company also provides heavy-duty designs for HVAC and process heating and cooling applications. Applications include high-pressure steam, thermal liquid, high pressure and untreated water, and preheat/precool coils.

eProduct 166

Comfort-Aire’s coil line offers upflow/counterflow and multiposition cased models, plus upflow/counterflow uncased models, all with aluminum fins bonded to internally grooved copper tubing for efficiency. The company noted it had a corrosion-proof drain pan made of high-grade, heat-resistant, glass-loaded polymer material for durability.

eProduct 167

The Edwards co-axial tube-in-tube heat exchanger consists of longitudinal, spirally-wound applied fins, solder-bonded to the inner tube with an outer tube serving as a shell. This fin design is for maximum heat transfer with low pressure drop as well as for allowing free passsage for condensing or evaporating fluids and gases.

eProduct 168

Eubank Coil Co. manufactures ARI-rated third-party coils in uncased and cased vertical and horizontal configurations. Vertical A-coils feature a high-temperature nylon drain pain, making them resistant to UV light and durable. Horizontal pans are stainless steel. Models are compatible with both R-22 and R410-A refrigerant and 13 SEER models come with a standard, factory-installed TXV.

eProduct 169

Goodway Technologies Corp. introduced the CC-140 CoilPro™ coil cleaner. The battery-powered coil cleaner is most efficient when used with the company’s CoilShine, expanding foam detergent, said officials. It can be used with most any coil cleaning application, they said.

eProduct 170

The Liebert TCDV is an air-cooled drive-drive refrigeration condenser for use with Liebert cooling systems with dual refrigeration circuits, said the company. It is said to provide reliable and efficient heat rejection. Using a variable-frequency drive, the unit enables energy savings of up to 10 percent compared to fan-speed condensers, the company said.

eProduct 171

Heatcraft coils manufactured by Luvata are specifically designed for particular applications, the company said. The manufacturing processes offer variations in fin type, fin density, circuitry, coil casing, and materials of construction.

eProduct 172

A Panasonic condensing unit features the Matsushita (Panasonic) R-134a fractional compressors from 1/5 to 1/2-plus hp for medium/high temperature applications and 1/10 and 1/6 hp for low-temperature applications. The Matsushita compressor is said to have low sound levels. The condensing units are designed primarily for OEM applications.

eProduct 173

Tridan International, Inc. Model HFP press is engineered for high-volume manufacturers of heat exchanger coils, the company said, noting it combines traditional mechanical press frame technology with slide guiding system.

eProduct 174

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Publication date:06/04/2007