Max coils offer maximum SEER, maximum Btu, with minimum height by using patented M-coil technology, or M-Tech, said the manufacturer. MAX coils with M-Tech provide more cooling in a shorter height by allowing more cooling coil in a smaller space, the company said. The manufacturer said the resulting shorter coil is a higher efficiency coil with better airflow.

eProduct #200

Bois D'Arc Int'l Trade
The company supplies HVAC coils for the replacement market. Owned by Amos Snow III, this facility in Longview, Texas, manufactures replacement coils in all modern fin patterns. Amos Snow has 30-plus years as an operating engineer and is able to assist customers in dealing with many field application problems. The company is also able to provide OEM coils.

eProduct #201

BRR Technologies
The features of the Gizmology® Blast Chiller include a coil design that allows the blast cell to be used as a holding cooler as well. Air is drawn over the hot product, then cooled immediately after passing over the product. The product heat load goes directly into the blast cooling coils and not into the products in the chiller. There is no need for forced defrost cycles, said the manufacturer.

eProduct #202

Coil Company
This company builds coils for any application. For example, it provides cooling or heating coils using water, steam, refrigerant, or any other medium. The company builds coils for replacement of existing coils or for new jobs, as well. The company makes standard copper tube-aluminum fin commercial coils and heavy industrial coils for process applications.

eProduct #203

Colmac Coil Mfg.
Colmac Coil Manufacturing is ARI-certified for 5/8-inch and 1-inch O.D. steam heating coils. Standard and heavy-duty steam coils are built to withstand a variety of pressures. They are pitched in the case with one- or two-row deep configurations. The fins are plate-type aluminum, die-formed in one of four patterns, and have formed self-spacing collars.

eProduct #204

Fedders has announced the introduction of a line of 13 SEER PC Packaged Air Conditioners and PH13 Packaged Heat Pumps. The company described the units as durable, compact, and self-contained for manufactured housing, residential, and light commercial applications. Greg Herschell, product planning manager for Fedders Commercial HVAC, said, "The new 13 SEER product design allows easy service access to all electrical components. EP series heat strips can be installed in minimal time. High and low side service ports are located on the front of the unit."

eProduct #205

Heatcraft's desaturation coil is two coils in one. It is a combination cooling/reheating coil in one common case that will both dehumidify the air and reheat that same air to the desired leaving air temperature and humidity level in comfort cooling applications. The Modular Auxiliary Removable Coil unit (MARC) replaces an existing coils section. The coil is removable through an access panel. It can be used as auxiliary/supplemental heating or cooling or to add to heating or cooling to a make-up air unit.

eProduct #206

The company's MRS series modular multi-compressor refrigeration system is designed to save energy and reduce in-store heat and noise. The company said that by remoting all refrigeration systems in an establishment - including those in reach-ins, walk-ins, and ice machines - to a single MRS system, end users can remove the heat produced by multiple refrigeration systems from their kitchen or store and reduce the air conditioning load. This outside system, typically roof-mounted, also reduces noise level and extends the life of the equipment.

eProduct #207

MultiTherm makes HVAC coils for steam, steam distributing, DX, chilled/hot water, or tube bundles. The company offers five- and 10-day expedited shipping schedules and can replace other manufacturers' coils. Also provided are heavy-duty designs for HVAC and process heating and cooling applications. Applications include high-pressure steam, thermal liquid, high pressure and untreated water, and PreHeat/PreCool coils.

eProduct #208

Texas Furnace
The company produces the Meridan and TFC brands of gas furnaces, condensing units, coils, air handlers, and ductless mini-splits. Condensing units are available in 10 and 12 SEER, with 13 SEER models available before the end of 2005. The units feature all scroll compressors, gull wing designed condenser fans, full metal jacket, accessible service valves, one-piece extruded job piece and venturi, and metal grill cover. The units carry a 10-year warranty on parts including the compressor on the 12-SEER models and five years on parts including the compressor on the 10-SEER models. They come with a line of indoor coils that match the gas furnaces, as well as a line of air handlers.

eProduct #209