Al Letellier accepts the “Oil Heat Cares” Cup from Dan Holohan.

EAST PETERSBURG, Pa. - Each year as part of the annual convention of the National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM) the Oil Heat Cares (OHC) Foundation awards the “Oil Heat Cares” Cup. The award recognizes the NAOHSM chapter that has accomplished the most good through the “Oil Heat Cares” program for those less fortunate in their communities.

Because of the contributions made by all NAOHSM chapters in the past year, the foundation said it was impossible to select just one chapter as the cup recipient. So, the OHC Foundation decided to award the cup to all NAOHSM chapters and their members. The cup will travel throughout the Northeast, residing for several months with various chapters.

The cup was presented to Maine’s Pine Tree Chapter by Dan Holohan in August; in September it was handed over to the Greater Seacoast Chapter of New Hampshire. The cup will travel through the hands of several chapters before finally ending its tour with the Tidewater Virginia Chapter.

Approximately 50 projects have been completed by NAOHSM members and industry partners through the Oil Heat Cares program. Oil Heat Cares is a not-for-profit foundation that assists needy persons and organizations with the replacement of their oil heating appliances.

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Publication date:12/03/2007