EAST PETERSBURG, Pa. - Each year, as part of the annual convention of the National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM), the Oil Heat Cares Foundation (OHC) awards the “Oil Heat Cares Cup.” The award recognizes the NAOHSM chapter that has accomplished the most good through the program for those less fortunate in their communities.

According to the association, because of the extraordinary contributions made by all NAOHSM chapters in the past year, it was impossible to select only one chapter as the recipient of the cup. So the OHC Foundation decided to award the cup to all NAOHSM chapters and their members. This year the cup will travel throughout the Northeast, residing for several months with various chapters.

To date, approximately 50 projects have been completed by NAOHSM members and industry partners through the Oil Heat Cares program. A few examples of projects completed include NAOHSM Southeast PA chapter member, Carl Mellinger of B.G. Mellinger Co., learned of an 80-year-old gentleman who lived alone and could not afford the $414 per month budget plan he would need to buy the oil required to heat his home with his outdated heating system. Through the OHC program, B.G. Mellinger Co. installed a new Burnham boiler at no cost to the homeowner, reducing his fuel consumption and monthly heating bills.

NAOHSM chapter member, Kevin Shea of Shea Fuel, Wakefield, Mass., met a woman who needed a new heating system, but couldn’t afford one because of numerous other problems she was facing. The OHC committee approved this project and she now has a new Energy Kinetics system installed at no charge by Shea Fuel.

For more information, visit www.oilheatcares.com.

Publication Date:12/24/2007