MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada’s (HRAC’s) Peer Exchange Program (PEP) Group and a team of experienced human resources professionals have developed a suite of human resources programs, policies, and practices, which are considered essential tools to sound employee management. According to the association, these tools capture both the commercial and the residential HVACR industry.

The modules are sold as CDs and can be purchased individually or as a total package. They consist of the following:

• A recruiting, interviewing, and hiring tool kit including a standard employment contract;

• A suite of typical job descriptions that are prevalent in most companies and guidelines on how to prepare your own job descriptions in the future;

• Performance review forms and guidelines; and

• A comprehensive employee handbook that provides the framework for day to day operating guidelines, policies, and practices for all employees to access.

The materials are intended as solid reference templates and may require minor modifications to reflect specific provincial legislative requirements or company specific practices.

For more information, contact 800-267-2231 or e-mail gmulligan@hrai.ca.

Publication date:11/12/2007