The RS 1500-120 Series of fractional-turn contactless rotary position sensors is designed for measuring the angular displacement of rotating elements such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves and airflow dampers. The sensors are available as the RSE 1500-120 with a 24-vdc input and a 0-to-10-vdc output, or as the RSI 1500-120 with a two-wire 4-20 mA loop-powered transmitter I/O. Although their shafts can rotate a full 360 degrees, the rotary position sensors utilize contactless inductive technology to measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of 120 degrees. These units exhibit a linearity error of less than 0.10 percent of full range output, have an IEC IP-66 environmental rating, and operate at temperatures from 0º to 185ºF (-20º to 85ºC).

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