Company: Novotechnik U.S. Inc.

Product: Vert-X 05E Series

Description: Contained in a compact, flat housing, this product’s interfaces include analog, serial peripheral, and incremental. They are available in single and redundant versions and can be secured to an application’s rotating shaft so that there is no direct mechanical linkage between the shaft and the measuring system. Features include a 0 to 360 degree measurement range, with repeatability of 0.1 degree or better, and maximum hysteresis of 0.1 degree. Its sample rate is up to 5 kHz, and its active measurement region extends to within 6 mm from the edge of the housing. The product includes 5 and 24 V supply options. Analog outputs are 0.5 to 4.5 V for the 24 version and 10 to 90 percent of supply voltage for the 5 V version.

Contact: 508-485-2244,, eProduct 181

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