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COMPANY: Shaw & Associates of Atlanta

INSTALLATION: CertainTeed® ToughGard®2 Duct Liner


CUSTOMER: Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

OBJECTIVE: Minimize noise in newly built theater.

DESCRIPTION: To minimize unwanted noise at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, CertainTeed® ToughGard®2 Duct Liner was specified to line the concrete plenums and shafts inside the theatre. Shaw & Associates of Atlanta purchased 26,000 square feet of ToughGard2 from the Atlanta branch of Specialty Products and Insulation Co. and found the product easy to work with, according to owner Ray Shaw. The acoustical and thermal performance enables engineers to meet IECC codes without specifying thicker duct liner, said Renee Chesler, general manager, CertainTeed HVAC Insulation. “ToughGard2 is primarily used as an acoustical liner in HVAC sheet metal ducts, but it can also provide excellent acoustic control in other areas, such as building plenums and shafts,” said Chesler. “Using ToughGard2 helps combat noise by absorbing unwanted crosstalk, equipment, and air rush noise, and it features contractor-friendly benefits such as easier handling and cutting. We look forward to seeing it provide these same benefits for the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.”

Publication date:06/11/2007