The ECC-PFCU Series fan coil unit controllers control the space temperature for equipment with up to four stages of cooling or heating, two floating valves, and up to three fan speeds. The units offer complete humidity control including a dehumidification cycle. They support digital, voltage (0-10 V), thermistor (PT100, 1K, 10K, 100K) inputs, and current from 4-20 mA with external resistor. Further expanding the controller’s versatility, the spare I/O points can be shared over the network. The line includes the ECC-PFCU, with six universal inputs, four high-voltage relay outputs, and four triac outputs; the ECC-PFCU-A, featuring two additional analog outputs and 24-vac power supply; and the wireless communication-enabled ECC-PFCU-W and ECC-PFCU-AW. The ECC-PFCU-W and the ECC-PFCU-AW, with an onboard wireless receiver, provides support for a variety of wireless, batteryless sensors, switches, and other devices.

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