Through the use of wireless sensors to monitor and control temperature more effectively, the programmable thermostat (Model 43665) helps maintain home comfort while saving energy costs. The new thermostat can control the temperature from up to two battery-powered remote sensors (Model 43758), with a third that can be used as a sensor only. According to the manufacturer, this is ideal for outdoor placement to enable external temperature transmission to the thermostat. The unit has programmed settings, but the presets are easy to change. If the user stays home any day, the temperature can be adjusted up or down until midnight of that day. The filter monitor alerts when it’s time to change the filter. Features include an Indiglo® backlight display, temporary and vacation overrides, an up-opening “Robo door,” and freeze protection. The thermostat comes with a three-year warranty. The unit is battery-powered by two AA batteries, which are included, and has a two-stage low-battery monitor.

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