A trucking company based in Georgia has proven itself an award-winning business. Kennesaw Transportation of White, Ga., which is 30 miles north of Atlanta, was named 2006 Cold Chain Carrier of the Year by Fresh Express, a producer of fresh, packaged salads.

Kennesaw Transportation President C.W. ‘Pat’ Patrick credits such success to the willingness to establish partnerships that were aligned with his customer’s strategies.

“The award was based on the temperature management of Fresh Express products delivered,” explained Patrick.

“The use of independent monitoring devices placed throughout the trailer by Fresh Express recorded box and product temperatures. We maintained the product temperature closest to required standards. I attribute this to driver awareness and training, great service by our service department, and the refrigeration units’ programmable features and performance. We were very proud of this award.”

Patrick started the business in 1981 with five trucks and ran a combination of refrigerated and dry product loads. By 1990, Kennesaw Transportation was an all-refrigerated product carrier and had chosen Thermo King as its refrigeration unit supplier.

Today, the business has 195 Peterbilt tractors and 310 trailers (Great Dane and Utility mix) all equipped with Thermo King SB trailer unit models.

Kennesaw primarily hauls candy, general food products and produce for a variety of customers. Carpet is often used as an east to west outbound product, with produce being the backhaul. Kennesaw teams do the carrying from Georgia to several Western states, including Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona; single drivers run lanes from Georgia to Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, and Kansas.

According to Patrick, “Product dependability and consistency, along with good service, are the reasons for my long-term relationship with Thermo King. The company’s products provide the quality performance that we need and strive to provide our customers. It’s a great partnership.”

Kennesaw’s refrigeration fleet consists of SB-200-30 and SB-210-30 unit models. Another order of 100 trailers with the SB-210-30 units has been placed this year. The company runs a five-year trade cycle on trailers and refrigeration units to maintain resale value.


Rising fuel and maintenance costs also has caused Kennesaw to add Thermo King’s hybrid TriPac™ Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System. The first system was installed in November 2005, with 136 more being added in 2006, and an additional 40 ordered through early 2007.

“Before the TriPac systems, our average fleet idle time was 40-50 percent. That average is now down to 3-4 percent,” said Patrick.

“The TriPac has eliminated the need for service calls for dead batteries as well as having to purchase alternators or make air conditioning repairs on the road. The payback on this purchase is within 12 months.”

Staying updated on the latest technology, industry regulations, and the proper training for his people are keys to Kennesaw’s continued success, said Patrick. “Building and utilizing solid partnerships, and tapping into others’ expertise, have definitely helped the company through the years.”

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Publication date:07/02/2007