BENTON, Ill. - Local HVAC contractor Darnell’s Heating & Cooling recently donated equipment and labor to help stave off the heat at the Franklin County Animal Control facility in rural Benton, Ill.

Ken Darnell, owner of Darnell’s Heating and Cooling of West Frankfort, donated and installed a central air conditioning unit that will keep the heat at bay in the giant dog wing of the facility.

In a story published inThe Southern, animal control supervisor Jarrett Broy said, “It takes a big heart to care enough about animals to see that they are comfortable in hot weather. Ken donated a 5-ton unit and two days’ labor by two excellent men who worked really hard to get it installed. It’s got to have cost him over $6,000. That's a big, big heart.”

Darnell said he hoped the air conditioning would allow the dogs to be at their best when potential pet owners visit the facility. “I know it has to be stressful on them already just being here,” he said inThe Southern. “Hopefully this will take a little bit of their stress away and make them feel better.”

Publication date:07/23/2007