The Unico System Advanced Control Board™ (ACB) is a fan control system that has remarkable compatibility with refrigerant-cooling (a/c) systems, refrigerant heating (heat pump) systems, chilled-water systems (including Unichiller and UniChillerRC products), and hot-water systems and electric heat modules. The control allows the user to choose whether the hot water heating is primary, secondary, or emergency heat for single or multistaged systems. It is designed to operate the chiller from the thermostat. For multiple thermostat systems, the control boards can communicate, making one master of the others. The unit mounts to the top or side of the air handler. It provides a relay to energize a humidifier with a separate humidistat input for proper control. The ACB’s board is preconfigured to allow the user to select constant ventilation when the system is not actively heating or cooling.

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