SARASOTA, Fla. - Clockwork Home Services Inc., a leading provider of home services, has announced two appointments to the newly created position of group president. Rebecca Cassel, formerly director of retail and franchise development, has been promoted to group president of consumer services. In this newly created position, all retail operations and franchise operations will report to Cassel. Terry Nicholson, president of Success Group International and senior vice president of Clockwork Home Services, has been promoted to group president of client services. In this newly created position, Clockwork’s subsidiaries Success Group International and Buy Max will report to Nicholson, and he will also continue to serve as president of Success Group International and senior vice president of Clockwork.

“Clockwork Home Services continues to grow at breakneck speed and with our growth we continue to generate great opportunity for those who accomplish significant achievement,” said Jim Abrams, CEO. “Rebecca and Terry have contributed greatly to our company’s success and are being promoted to the highest operating positions within our company due to their tremendous contributions and to better support all operations within our company.”

Cassel joined Clockwork Home Services in 1999 as president of Clean Indoor Air Inc., a position that was quickly followed by promotion to vice president of operations for all of the Success Group International portfolio companies. In 2004, she became president of franchise operations for Clockwork Home Services. In March 2007, she was named director of retail and franchise development. Prior to Clockwork, Cassel began her career in private accounting, with positions as senior accountant and controller with major organizations. She led Management Financial Services Inc., of Nashville, Tenn., through a merger to create one of the largest management receivables firms in the United States. Additional accomplishments include working at Cassel Consultants, a consulting organization for HVAC organizations and owner/operator of her own HVAC company, Airco Home Comfort.

Nicholson joined Clockwork Home Services in 1999. In addition to his new appointment, he also serves as the president of Success Group International, as well as guiding Plumbers' Success International, AirTime 500, Electricians' Success International, and The Success Academy. In 1999, Nicholson was named vice president of sales for Clockwork, where he helped to build Plumbers' Success International and AirTime 500 into two of the fastest growing organizations of their kind. Prior to joining Clockwork, Nicholson was national training director for the first publicly traded HVAC company in the nation. Nicholson is an award-winning speaker, trainer, and columnist - including a columnist forThe NEWS- and author ofUnleash the Animal in You.

Clockwork currently operates electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning franchises within its portfolio of home services franchises. For more information, visit

Publication date:08/06/2007