Maxwell Systems™ Management Suite 6.5 is the latest version of this software, which helps contractors manage and track projects. According to the company, significant enhancements were made to the Service Management application. Dispatchers are now provided broader views of a company’s service calls directly from the dispatch board. The new Service Person View is specifically designed to let dispatchers view the total number of calls each service person is assigned and the estimated times for each project. An Expanded Calendar View lets dispatchers see workload schedules two weeks out to facilitate long-term scheduling. Service Management enhancements also include Work Order Reassignment, enabling dispatchers to reassign open work to the next day for smoother scheduling. Other enhancements include Update Work Order Status, which lets dispatchers move a call through each stage of completion - from Open, to Dispatched, to Completed - without opening any other windows, and Work Order Activity View. It also permits dispatchers to access a project’s work history by customer, service person, date, or any combination thereof. This allows for a better response to a customer’s or serviceperson’s questions about a call. The software’s other applications include Project Management, Financial Management, and Procurement Management.

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