Checking eNora for order status is a snap for Coburn Supply’s customer service agent using the Partner’s Choice Parts Quest Website.

There is a new look to the parts business at Nordyne, designed to offer a broader variety of parts and accessories. In early 2006, its Partners Choice parts division was reorganized with the goal of establishing a different parts business direction. Nordyne put Ozden Karakurt in the role of director and took on a new look.

The program is supported with new packaging, a Choice Distributor store merchandising program, monthly specials, and online services to support the customer’s parts business.

“I really am enjoying the route Partners Choice is taking on the parts and their services,” said Craig Harris of Fox Appliance Parts of Macon, Ga. “One of the best parts of the program is the online services.”


With so many customers turning to the Internet for parts ordering and payment, Partners Choice has beefed up its online service to include features like Parts Quest, an online searchable database. Distributors can search for a particular part by part number, SKU number, unit series, or specific unit model number. The system works great for employees of Flick Distributing Co., Harahan, La.

“Parts Quest offers a means for even a novice counterperson to quickly identify and select the correct replacement components for a unit, by using the model number,” said owner Tommy Flick. “Parts Quest can use even a partial model number to guide the selection process.

“The system can also aid in the cross reference of similar compatible parts, by a list of all units that a specific part is used on. At any point in the process, the Partners Choice online parts catalog is accessible to provide specifications on many of the parts, which also aids in cross referencing.”

“The procedure gives me and my counter guys the ability to place orders, check on orders, and pricing,” said Harris. “The Parts Quest does it all - searches models by part numbers, model number, and serial numbers.”

Lee Bradfield, Frigidaire sales manager for Coburn’s Supply, Beaumont, Texas, said the Parts Quest program adds credibility and professionalism to his business. “This service provides a comprehensive list of all parts found on equipment up to 15 years old,” he added.

“Parts Quest has an exploded view and parts list for a particular unit, which can be e-mailed or printed for our dealer, in order to determine the right part for the unit he is servicing.

“This service complements the professional image we strive to convey as a Nordyne equipment distributor and adds more value to the services we provide.”

Bradfield noted the ordering procedure is a real key to the program’s success, giving his company an accurate way of ordering replacement parts. “It is one of the most important functions to maintain parts inventory in support of equipment sales and help deliver great customer service,” he said.

Flick said his counterperson can check pricing, availability, or factory superseded part numbers, in addition to being able to place an order, and later track the shipment of that order using information provided by the system.

If there is a need to return slow-moving parts and keep a clean inventory, Parts Quest offers an annual parts return program that provides distributors an opportunity to rebalance their slow moving or excess inventory in exchange for faster moving products.

A distributor log-in offering gives the means for counter personnel to check on Nordyne’s eNORA system availability, pricing, or if a part has been substituted. “The system also allows us to track orders as to how and when they are being shipped,” Bradfield said. “In summary, any online system that allows controlled access to pricing, availability, and shipping information will reduce telephone calls, and increase a distributor’s ability to satisfy his customer, without adding layers of personnel in the process.”

That’s good news for companies like Fox Appliance Parts of Macon and its customers. “Having online flexibility right at our fingertips satisfies our contractors quickly and effectively,” said Harris.

The Nordyne Choice Distributor store merchandising program is an exclusive program available to Brand Distributors. For more information, visit

Publication Date:08/20/2007