The GForce™ microprocessor control system is designed for screw compressor and refrigeration system control. The control panel features a 15-inch (380mm) diagonal, full-color LCD touchscreen. A polyester overlay protects the 120-degree viewing angle display screen from chemical or weather damage. The display graphics allow “one-or-two’” touch navigation through the control system operation. A user can access the control system remotely through an intranet or Internet connection, using any Java-enabled Web browser. Any PDF file can be uploaded to the system and viewed by the operator, so items such as SOPs or refrigerant tables can be added for easy access. The system can support up to 31 I/O interface cards. The interface board has a line-voltage monitor, a panel temperature sensor, and three levels of protection for the controlled equipment. The control panel comes with extensive troubleshooting features and tools, such as Rx-Trend, which gives the owner-operator a snapshot of data from the last 10 minutes prior to compressor alarm and shutdown. The Rx-Trend files can be transferred to a standard USB device and e-mailed directly to service support personnel 24/7.

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