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Smaller … Easier … Better … Wiser

“Intriguing.” “Nice.” “Might consider trying it.” These were just a few of the comments made byNEWSrespondents regarding Fujitsu’s ad.

“In the creative phase, the design team thought about what would catch a contractor’s eye,” explained Roy Kuczera, vice president of sales, HVAC Division, Fujitsu General America Inc. “The latest Halcyon line of mini-splits has so many exciting new features that it’s prompted us to create the ‘WISER’ acronym. This enabled us to contain a lot of information in a clear and concise manner that was visually appealing and easy to remember.

“With many central air systems getting larger with the 13-SEER mandate, we felt it was important to show contractors that there is an alternative.”

As Kuczera explained, the “WISER” ad relays five of the features and benefits of the company’s Halcyon line of mini-splits. “W” for warranty (2-year parts, 6-year compressor); “I” for inverters (variable-speed compressors); “S” for size (up to 39 percent smaller than prior models); “E” for efficiency (up to 21 SEER); and “R” for R-410A (100 percent of the product line).

“Our goal was to position the Halcyon line as the best option for comfort,” said Kuczera.

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Publication date:12/11/2006