GERMANTOWN, Md. - Telkonet Inc. announced that it has been awarded a $3.8 million contract by InTown Suites for its intelligent Telkonet SmartEnergy™ (TSE) energy management system. Under the contract, Telkonet will install TSE products in 125 InTown Suites locations across the United States, as an integral component in the organization’s commitment to achieving increased energy efficiency at its properties. Telkonet is to begin an aggressive implementation of the scheduled installations to ensure completion of the initiative within a six-month timeframe.

Telkonet was selected after trial property implementations involving comprehensive testing and competitor analysis. TSE’s patented Recovery Time™ (RT) technology represented the differentiator, as a spokesperson from InTown Suites explained: “Telkonet has demonstrated its commitment to InTown Suites throughout the pilot program and has successfully delivered a product that will help us realize substantial energy efficiencies and cost savings as a part of our overall energy management initiative. TSE’s design flexibility was a further factor in the contract award, with its existing capability to operate with the cross-section of packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) already installed in InTown Suites’ locations.”

Telkonet’s executive vice president of energy management, Jeff Sobieski, highlighted the company’s strategic thinking about TSE, noting, “We are seeing a substantial increase in the number of green initiatives in the extended-stay marketplace, and the emphasis is very much on achieving increased ROI due to rising energy costs. With TSE, we have evolved an exciting technology that has unlocked a powerful new cost-saving avenue for extended-stay facilities, with a substantial impact on the bottom line. We are committed to Recovery Time technology and the continued enhancement of our TSE product line for the extended-stay market as well as expanding into new verticals.”

According to the company, TSE provides an economic, green approach to controlling HVAC usage and improving energy efficiency, typically achieving savings around 30 percent. The system uses a combination of occupancy sensors, along with intelligent programmable thermostats or PTAC controllers, to adjust and maintain a room’s temperature according to occupancy, eliminating wasteful heating and cooling of unoccupied rooms.

The TSE system’s RT technology is said to provide improved occupant comfort compared to typical fixed-setback systems. With these systems, the setback temperature is often set to one fixed amount in all rooms, regardless of the guest setpoint, external weather conditions, or recovery time. With TSE, each room’s temperature is kept adjusted based on these external factors, to calculate how far it can drift from an occupant’s preferred setting when they leave the room, so it will return to that setting within minutes upon their return.

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Publication date:01/07/2008