The Spra-Kleen humidifiers have a 1-1/2 gallon per hour capacity, which is controlled by a humidistat. According to the manufacturer, the humidifiers have a unique method of humidifying and cleaning the air in one process. A nozzle provides an atomized spray of water up and into the airflow. The spray is enclosed by an aluminum mesh filter material, and any excess water is drained away. Immediately after each heating cycle, all water drains out of the pan, thereby eliminating stagnant water, which can contribute to bacteria breeding. The units are constructed entirely of metal; there are no parts made of plastic or fabric, which can allow the growth of mildew, says the company. Model 150-A is designed for installation in the plenum or vertical supply duct of a furnace, while Model 200-A is designed for installation in the horizontal duct of a forced-air heating system.

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Publication date: 11/27/2006