The Turbo-Disc Filter is a self-cleaning, side-stream cooling tower disc filter system. The filter system is designed to remove particulate and other contaminants from cooling water, complementing the water treatment program by keeping heat transfer surfaces clean, resulting in lower energy costs for the facility. The filters are designed for HVAC and industrial cooling tower and chilled-water applications. Available in multiple micron sizes, the lightweight 3-D polypropylene disc media uses a fraction of the backwash water used by conventional sand media filters, resulting in substantial water savings and minimizing the amount of dirty water and water treatment chemicals being backwashed to the city sewer. All models come with a 2-inch backwash line, eliminating the need for large flush line piping and floor drains. The filters come complete with a pump on a stainless steel skid. An onboard controller monitors the differential pressure across the system, triggering an automatic backwash when dirty.

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