ATLANTA, GA – On the first day of the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating (AHR) Expo, Mestek, Inc., announced the creation of its new wholly owned subsidiary, Mestek Technology, Inc. (MTI).

“MTI’s purpose is to develop and employ advanced technologies to enhance the effectiveness of our business units, independent sales representatives, and distributors,” said Bill Rafferty, senior vice president of HVAC Products, Mestek.

MTI introduced three new products at the expo, including two new software programs. According to MTI, its ProfitWorks program is “a scalable enterprise solution developed specifically for manufacturers’ representatives.” It said its new Sales Assistant is “an Internet-based integrated order tracking system for manufacturers and their representatives and distributors.”

MTI also introduced the MIT Messenger remote monitor, designed for monitoring hvacr equipment. It said the product can call a service company automatically through a normal phone lines when “an out-of-tolerance condition occurs.”

MTI has also developed numerous Specifier product selection software packages and over 30 websites for Mestek companies.