The MotorSaver® 455 three-phase voltage monitor is equipped with infrared technology to communicate with the Informer-MS handheld diagnostic tool, both by SymCom, to display MotorSaver data to assist in monitoring and troubleshooting three-phase motors and compressors. All models of the voltage monitor feature an adjustable trip delay (two to 30 seconds), restart delay (two to 300 seconds), and voltage unbalance trip point (2 to 8 percent). The monitor combines load and line-side monitoring to alert the user of contact failure or impending contact failure. The line-side monitoring will protect the motor from damaging line-side conditions prior to the motor starting. The motor won’t start if a power problem is present. Besides displaying real-time line and load-side voltage and voltage unbalance, the Informer-MS shows parameters including motor run hours, last 20 faults, last 32 motor starts, voltage at last fault, high- and low-voltage trip points, and restart and trip delay settings.

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