DALLAS - Emerson Climate Technologies hosted more than 800 contractors, distributors, and friends from the industry at the AHR Expo on Sunday, Jan. 28. James Garner (left), Interstate Plumbing & Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, and Luke Mooney, retired deputy sheriff of Dallas County, posed for a nostalgic remembrance at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. The boxes in the background are in the plexiglass protected area where Lee Harvey Oswald perched on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository to fire upon President John F. Kennedy as his motorcade passed. Garner was in the second grade in Fort Worth, Texas, when he visited Dealey Plaza in Dallas on a school field trip on the day Kennedy was assassinated. Mooney, the officer who discovered the sniper's nest and empty rifle shells on the floor, was on hand to meet guests, courtesy of Emerson.