The redesigned Coleman® [mc]2MicroChannel MiniCube 13 SEER air conditioner features a microchannel coil with enhanced heat transfer characteristics and a piston metering device. The air conditioner uses an aluminum coil with microchannel technology to provide higher efficiency without a corresponding increase in coil surface area. This technology significantly reduces the size of the unit, when compared to traditional 13 SEER products, and uses far less refrigerant, claims the manufacturer. The unit’s footprint remains 21-3/4 inches square. Its height varies from 22-1/12 – 30-3/4 inches, depending on the unit’s capacity. A polymer mesh and a coated steel coil guard protect the condensing coils from damage, while a high-pressure relief valve and a temperature sensor protect the compressor from undesirable operating conditions. The top discharge blows warm air up and away from the structure and surrounding landscape and minimizes operating sounds. A rigid top panel, cushioned compressor mounts, and rippled condenser coil fins further reduce operating sound levels.

Johnson Controls Co., Attn: Andy Fracica, Coleman Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;

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Publication date: 12/11/2006