The York™ [mc]2 MicroChannel MiniCube 13 SEER air conditioner is available in 1- to 3-ton sizes. The air conditioner uses an aluminum tube coil and microchannel technology to provide higher efficiency without a corresponding increase in coil surface area. The unit's footprint is 21¾ inches square. Its height varies from 22½ to 30¾ inches, depending on the unit's capacity. A polymer mesh and coated steel coil guard protect the unit's coils from damage. Features include a high-pressure relief valve, a temperature sensor, top discharge, rigid top panel, cushioned compressor mounts, and rippled condenser coil fins. The [mc]2 air conditioner has fully exposed refrigerant connections and a single panel covering the electrical controls for easy servicing.

UPG of York - a Johnson Controls Co., Attn: Mickey Smith, York Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069

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