The year 2006 proved to be busy for the HVAC industry. Big changes took place as the 13 SEER mandate took effect. Rising energy costs shifted the declining a/c unitary market to a rising heat pump market. And, multiple foreign players began their bid for significance in the U.S. HVACR industry.
California continued to cause multiple efficiency changes as the industry began to ramp up for the new refrigerant mandate. The changing workforce was also one of the top stories this year, as the question of immigrant workers was raised in national protest. Copper prices skyrocketed, sparking a rash of outdoor unitary thefts, and The Home Depot officially entered the HVAC supply chain.
HVAC rolled with the punches, though, and emerged wiser. With new self-diagnostics, advancements in technology, and good old-fashioned hard work, the industry not only survived, but also thrived last year.
For a look back at the top stories of 2006, see the following stories in this issue:

• Survival of the Fittest
• Big Box Enters Supply Chain
• California Makes National Waves
• HVAC Got Smarter
• HVACR Workforce Issues Heat Up
• HVAC Market Shifts to Heat Pumps
• Commercial Market Offsets Residential Drop
• Foreign Influence Causes Changes in the Industry
Publication date: 12/25/2006