The Dry-O-Tron® DS-803 is an HVAC mechanical heat recovery dehumidifier designed for the indoor water park market. The unit has the ability to dehumidify 800 pounds per hour of moisture capacity to 50 percent rh. It is a complete IAQ system that heats or cools water park spaces of up to 36,000 square feet from a single unit. It also recovers heat to provide free pool water heating. Larger facilities can combine multiple units via the Supervisaire® controller-monitor, which is compatible with most building automation system protocols. Options include the Chloraguard® gas-phase air purification module; Smart Saver outdoor air preheating and/or cooling via exhaust air heat recovery; purge mode, a secondary exhaust fan to introduce 100 percent fresh air for daily space purging; and a VFD supply fan for nighttime setback mode. The ThermoGuard® polyurethane coating on all internal unit components and exposed uninsulated piping helps prevent corrosive effects. Webgate/Pool-Tech-Chek™, an Internet-based safeguard system that enables remote control/monitor capabilities is optional.

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