The Echelon™ 5T 15-plus SEER heat pump is available with HSPF ratings of 8.0-8.6. The scroll compressor technology ensures the simultaneous operation of a high-pressure relief valve and temperature sensors that protect each compressor against high and low pressure as well as excessive temperature. According to the manufacturer, the exclusive hot heat pump technology produces discharge temperature that are, on average, 10° warmer than the discharge temperatures of standard heat pumps, resulting in greater comfort, less dependence on supplemental heating, and lower energy costs. The WhisperDrive system utilizes a swept-wing fan design that allows air to flow smoothly off the blade, reducing air turbulence and raising comfort levels by significantly reducing sound. It incorporates an isolated compressor compartment, composite base pan, and two-stage cooling. The demand defrost board features service analyzer capabilities, integrated control, fault code retention, hot heat pump and fossil fuel jumpers, and high- and low-pressure switch connections. In the event of a thermostat failure, additional special features protect a home in the winter against pipes freezing.

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