NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. - Bacharach Inc. is offering a comprehensive instructional program, including multiple industry training seminars, through its Institute of Technical Training. The company’s engineers and scientists, who develop instrumentation and procedures, are the same specialists who are available to share their expertise with other industry professionals through the Institute of Technical Training. “Bacharach, as you may know, has undergone many changes over the last year,” said the company. “These changes have allowed us to streamline the company and are helping us to evolve with the ever-changing global marketplace.”

Bacharach developed this training program not only to promote safety, but also to ensure proper product application throughout the industry. Tens of thousands of professionals from across the country have already completed Bacharach’s courses and are now actively applying what they learned in combustion analysis, carbon monoxide safety, building pressure diagnostics, ventilation, refrigeration, and more.

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Publication date:03/26/2007