SAN JOSE, Calif. - LonMark International has launched its Onsite Professional Certification Training Program. The one-day onsite training program is a preparatory course for professionals wishing to become LonMark certified. The training class is intended as a refresher course for individuals already familiar with the basic concepts of interoperability and for those who have had prior training and/or field experience.

This newly developed, flexible training program is designed to help companies save money, eliminate travel, and train as many or as few employees as needed. The classes can be scheduled to suit a company’s agenda, and can be conducted on its premises or a location of its choice.

The Professional Certification Training and Testing Program consists of a six-hour intensive training class directly followed by the Professional Certification test. This program is intended as a one-day event but can be customized to go over two days if needed, with training on the first day and testing on the second day.

The training class is designed to cover various areas of the LonMark Professional Certification Testing Program. The test is comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions, divided into the following 12 distinct areas, all of which will be covered during the training class: LonWorks® history and terminology basics, transport media, nodes, communication, physical network structuring, logical network structuring, installation, network configuration, tools for network management, LonWorks and IP, troubleshooting, and user interfaces.

“The aim of the LonMark Professional Certification Testing Program is to test and certify engineers, integrators, and designers of control systems. System specifications now require minimum training for system integrators and stipulate that system integrators employ LonMark Certified Professionals,” said Ron Bernstein, executive director of LonMark International. “This will ensure that building owners and managers the world over will be safe in the knowledge that only the most qualified people are working on their projects thus allowing for the best possible control systems being installed.”

The test is open to any industry professional involved in the design, specification, integration, or installation of LonWorks control networks. Those passing the test are recognized as LonMark Certified Professionals.

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Publication date:11/03/2008