LAS VEGAS - Mike Zimmer, president of Purafilter 2000®, has announced a strategic alliance between the Las Vegas-based air filter company and Kimberly-Clark Corp. Kimberly-Clark will provide INTREPID® filtration media for the Purafilter 2000 line of products, which includes The Gold Series, an enhanced version of the firm's original Blue Series, according to the companies.

INTREPID filtration media is designed for use in commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC filters. The media is made of thermally bonded, hydrophobic polyolefin fibers, which are designed to resist moisture and shedding. The construction of the media, along with a proprietary electrostatic treating technology, allows filters made with the media to achieve high initial and sustainable filtration efficiencies, says Kimberly-Clark.

"The media is designed to offer better performance than traditional cotton/poly filter media," said Zimmer. "Our partnership with Kimberly-Clark will allow our products to continue to raise the standard of our filters to provide cleaner air, higher energy efficiency, and longer filter life for our customers."

The Purafilter 2000 Blue Series utilizes INTREPID MERV 7 353H media, while the Gold Series uses INTREPID MERV 11 411SF media. Purafilter 2000 filters are designed to last longer than a conventional air filter, typically three months, to make them cost effective along with being environmentally friendly, says the company.

Purafilter 2000 specializes in pleated air filters for home air conditioning and furnace systems. For more information, visit

Publication date: 01/03/2005