The Arkansas HVACR Association announced the selection of George McIntosh to head its web project,, current vice president of the Arkansas HVACR Association, brings more than 20 years of hvacr experience to the project.

The association said its website is targeted not only to industry members, but also to online hvacr consumers looking to understand and gain knowledge about the industry and its products. Utilizing a program developed by Media Graphics and Communication, the association is funding its website project through the sale of platinum and gold sponsorships.

“We couldn’t be happier at the enthusiasm and commitment that the industry has displayed in this project,” said McIntosh. “We have received the support of many of the hvacr contractors, distributors, manufacturers, and several of the energy/utility providers, and we continue to get calls and requests daily for information on sponsorships from all over the state.”

The association is planning to launch a full-scale effort this fall to promote the site and get the word out to Arkansans. The association consists of professional contractors, builders, and associated businesses. For more information, visit

Publication date:> 09/18/2000