MINNEAPOLIS — The Dri-Steem Humidifier Company announced the online release of Energy-Calc™ a program that estimates dollars saved by using gas humidification rather than electric.

Energy-Calc allows the user to select items from pull-down menus and then calculate the annual energy savings. In many locations, the savings from switching to gas are significant enough that old electric units can be replaced with GTS gas humidifiers from Dri-Steem and the energy savings will pay for the cost and installation, says the company.

“Energy-Calc will be especially useful to those who think it may be cost-effective to replace an older electric humidifier with a gas humidifier,” said Steve Felber, product manager at Dri-Steem. “This program gives owners the dollars-and-cents facts about whether it makes sense to switch to gas, given their particular location, energy costs, and humidifier use — it essentially eliminates guesswork.”

For more information, call 800-328-4447 or visit www.dristeem.com.

Publication date: 09/08/2003