XJ Calculator screen shotThe online XJ energy-savings calculator for the Copeland Scroll® outdoor condensing unit line allows contractors, businesses, engineers, and wholesalers to determine how much energy can be expected to be saved by applying an XJ Series unit compared to other offerings, the company says. The calculator helps users find the most relevant information, applying the manufacturer’s annual energy efficiency ratio (AEER) methodology, which uses historic average weather data from five climatic temperature regions in the United States to estimate location-specific savings scenarios. To use the calculator, businesses fill in the box temperature, geographical location, design load basis, and local electricity rate per kWh. Once those fields have been populated, the calculator displays the annual operating cost and unit savings of a XJ unit versus alternatives. The final display includes units ranging from 1.5 to 6 hp, and includes savings for hermetic, scroll, and semi-hermetic units.

Emerson Climate Technologies

eProduct 184