FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — e-Builder ( has announced the launch of its Enterprise Cost Module, a fully-integrated tool that owners can use to manage costs at all stages of the capital development and construction process, says the company. In use by several of e-Builder’s clients since late 2002, the module integrates with the e-Builder Enterprise system and is designed to complement existing corporate accounting systems.

The Cost Module streamlines cost-related communication and alerts project teams if requested actions have cost implications, the company says. For example, if a team approves changes that impact cost, the system automatically carries the cost information forward and converts it to a change order request and then into a change order to be processed. All related collaboration and history is attached to the change order and archived.

“Facility owners have an overall responsibility for planning, building, and operating multiple facilities. Managing cost is an integral part of the process and we were able to obtain critical information from our customers when developing the Cost Module, allowing us to incorporate their e-wish lists into the final product,” said Jon Antevy, e-Builder CEO and co-founder. “Most companies have sophisticated accounting packages in place, but they don’t provide the construction-specific detail or the collaborative component provided by e-Builder’s Cost Module.”

The Enterprise Cost Module is said to provide the following benefits:

  • Streamlined process for reviewing and approving payment applications and change orders;

  • Ability to determine the reasons for change orders or payment requests by reviewing the relevant collaborative and historic information;

  • More comprehensive performance review process by leveraging the module’s detailed project cost information, including each individual’s, company’s, or team’s role in affecting costs;

  • Project-long cost information record that is easily searched, retrieved, and shared; and

  • Elimination of duplicate entries by carrying forward all information that makes up the change order or payment request.

    Along with real-time cost management, the Web-based e-Builder Cost Module provides budget management with the ability to import budgets from Excel, says the company. The module allows clients to create bid package templates and route bids to the right people. It also analyzes bids and automatically notifies bidders of awards. The system can be customized to exchange data into existing financial and accounting systems, adds the company.

    Publication date: 04/28/2003