BELMONT, Mass. - Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc. has announced that wholly owned subsidiary Kronos Air Technologies Inc., a developer of air movement and purification technologies, has received Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its patent applicationsCorona Discharge Electrode and Method of OperatingandMethod of and Apparatus for Electrostatic Fluid Acceleration. The patents will protect the company's proprietary technology for generating airflow and air cleaning with significantly reduced ozone while extending the life-span of the company's proprietary electrodes and for producing inertialess power supplies for safe operation of its air movement and purification devices.

The new patents further expand Kronos' intellectual property platform and have already been incorporated in its standalone air purifiers. According to the company, this new generation of air purifiers can provide up to 100 percent filtration of 0.3 to 10.0 micron particles and 99 percent filtration of 0.02 to 0.1 micron size particles, while disinfecting rooms contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

To date, Kronos has been awarded 11 U.S. and two international patents. The company currently has several additional U.S. patents pending as well as a number of patent applications in various stages of the patent process, either internally or with patent counsel. Kronos' intellectual property platform covers a range of patent claims, including high voltage management, material science, and geometries. These claims provide patent protection on applications that Kronos is pursuing in residential, commercial, industrial, and military markets. Applications include:

  • Air movement, including dielectric fluid movement and propulsion;

  • Air purification, including particulate removal, biohazard destruction, chemical and industrial gas treatment, and odor removal;

  • Temperature and environmental management, including space heating and cooling;

  • Air management, including sorting and separation of air streams by particle content;

  • Sound generation, including flat panel stereo speakers and active noise cancellation;

  • High voltage management, including development of high voltage power supplies and control of power plant energy surges and electrical discharges;

  • Control of water and moisture content in air streams, including humidification; and

  • Water treatment, including water purification, ionization, and water desalination.

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    Publication date: 10/02/2006