NEWARK, CA — Advanced Data Exchange (ADX) has announced that Owens Corning, a major manufacturer of building materials and composite materials, has selected ADX to provide supply chain connectivity services to more than 1,000 of Owens Corning’s small and mid-size suppliers.

Owens Corning will use ADX outsourced services to connect suppliers to the ADX Network, allowing those suppliers to exchange EDI transactions without the costs and complexity typically associated with traditional EDI systems, says the company. Owens Corning will now be able to extend its electronic trading relationships to smaller suppliers to help reduce errors, achieve greater efficiency, and cut costs.

“The ADX model provides our small and medium-sized suppliers with the opportunity to reap the benefits of EDI transactions without the setup costs. Additionally, our suppliers who partner with ADX will now be capable of trading EDI documents with other manufacturers and/or customers. This provides each supplier with a solution that extends beyond their relationship with Owens Corning,” said Mike Mendoza, global e-procurement leader at Owens Corning.

Publication date: 02/11/2002