BRISTOL, Va. - Bristol Compressors recently launched CompressorSearchâ„¢, an online cross-reference engine for the side-by-side comparison of compressor models. Users provide the model number from an existing Bristol compressor or the two top competing brands, and CompressorSearch will identify the closest-matching Bristol compressor, including the new Benchmarkâ„¢ product line.

"We wanted to simplify the process for contractors and dealers trying to find the right compressor," explained Barry Rust, director of marketing at Bristol. "The wholesalers told us there is an increasing demand for Bristol and Benchmark compressors, so we wanted to make it easy for contractors and dealers to know exactly which compressor to ask for."

CompressorSearch can be found on the Web site. Select a manufacturer and model number, and the cross-reference engine will display a list of comparable Bristol compressors. The list is based on an exact match for refrigerant, phase, and hertz, plus a +/-5 percent match on ARI capacity and voltage. Contractors and dealers can also go one step further and use CompressorSearch to find a local wholesaler.

"CompressorSearch is fast, accurate, and easier to use than a printed index," added Rust.

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Publication date: 07/19/2004