SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Carrier Corp. has announced that, in response to customer demand, it is reintroducing its 17DA large-capacity industrial water chiller.

The 17DA, with a capacity performance in the nominal 3,000-, 4,000-, and 5,000-ton range, uses HFC-134a refrigerant. A steam turbine, electric motor, or gas engine drive can be selected to match the most economical fuel available, says Carrier. Dual-drive steam turbine and electric motors have been applied to the 17DA, giving the owner-operator maximum flexibility, the company says.

After a 6-year absence, Carrier has begun manufacturing the 17DA again. "Customers have asked Carrier to re-release this Carrier classic 17DA model," said Harold D. Valencia, product sales and marketing manager. "They recognize the benefits of its engineering excellence and timeless design, including an optimal life cycle cost based on excellent energy performance, ease of maintenance, and flexibility in application."

The flexibility of the 17DA provides for diverse applications, including industrial, municipalities, and large commercial complexes. The 17DA is also used in university central plants. "Syracuse University facility managers recently selected a 3,200-ton 17DA for its chiller plant expansion project," said Valencia. "Based on its part load performance and stability of operation at all loads, the 17DA was the clear choice."

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Publication date: 04/18/2005