WASHINGTON - The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has announced that it is leading an industry-driven effort to develop more resource-efficient, environmentally sensitive, and cost-effective homes. At the National Green Building Conference, in Austin, Texas, March 14-16, NAHB and other building industry experts will be advancing "greener" home building ideas and initiatives for all mainstream builders.

"An increasing number of home buyers are demanding that environmental issues become a top priority in new construction and remodeling efforts," stated Ray Tonjes, NAHB Green Building Subcommittee chair. "Reacting to this demand, this conference will demonstrate that green building has true market value to the potential home buyers."

The city of Austin offers a number of green building sites of interest to builders and home buyers, says NAHB. On Sunday, March 14, tours of several sites, including Pfeiffer Residence, Hammonds Homes, Heritage Village, and Hornsby Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant, will be available for participants. These tours will highlight the successful application of green building techniques.

Beginning Monday, March 15, conference participants will be able to attend educational sessions, including "Successful Green Building Programs," "Remodeling it Green," "Get the Word Out: We're Green!," and "Latest Trends in Green Building Design." The sessions are designed to provide techniques and technologies to help builders and developers develop, build, remodel, and market greener homes.

"Home builders and home buyers will discover that taking green to the mainstream has tremendous economic and environmental benefits," said Tonjes.

"Through the efforts of NAHB and its members, new homes today are twice as energy efficient as they were 30 years ago. At this conference, our industry will highlight the green building techniques and technology that will improve homes for the next 30 years."

Publication date: 03/01/2004