LARGO, Fla. - PowerCold Corporation announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved the patent filing for its all-plastic BreezeMaster indirect evaporative cooler. According to the company, the product is a technology breakthrough in evaporative cooling because it eliminates the possibility of Legionnaires' disease and most other bacterial problems associated with "wet" direct evaporative coolers.

The BreezeMaster uses no compressor and can produce a temperature difference of up to 16 degrees coupled with very low humidity, says the manufacturer. The system is highly energy efficient and can furnish up to 10 tons of cooling with no more power than it takes to toast bread, the company says.

PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions Inc. (PCS), a wholly owned subsidiary of PowerCold, developed the technology. Customer orders will be ready for delivery in January 2004.

Frank Simola, PowerCold CEO, stated, "This all-plastic evaporative cooler is the first of our planned rollout of new plastic HVAC systems."

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Publication date: 10/13/2003