LAVERNIA, TX — PowerCold Corporation announced that the company has filed for two new patents covering an enhanced evaporative condenser and an improved compact heat exchanger.

The patent filing for its new Breezemaster evaporative cooler is for a closed-loop cooler that prevents moisture buildup that can lead to legionella and other respiratory diseases associated with standard evaporative condensers. The new system is expected to be used by large chain retail and fast food stores.

The Breezemaster replaces up to five tons of conventional air conditioning with a unit that produces cool air at one-fourth the required power of standard air conditioning, says the company. The system can be manufactured in plastic, thereby offering lifetime service, the company says.

The patent filing for an improved compact heat exchanger is for a unit to be used in the company’s proprietary Nauticon evaporative condenser. Higher volume airflow and enlarged heat exchanger surface area increases capacity by 50% without expanding its small footprint, says the company. This is important for the high-volume 10- to 30-ton commercial rooftop unit market where small footprint, weight, and height are critical. The new low-profile unit can be expanded up to a 130-ton single module and multiplexed up to five units on a common packaged skid.

PowerCold has shipped the first new Nauticon evaporative condenser units to Hong Kong. The Chinese central government is now mandating that commercial air-cooled systems be converted to more energy-efficient chiller systems over the next 10 years to reduce Hong Kong’s power usage.

PowerCold CEO Frank Simola said, “These two patent filings greatly enhance our competitive position in the HVAC markets of the world as well as strengthen the value of our intellectual property. This represents another valuable step forward in becoming a leading supplier of HVAC systems to the global commercial markets.”

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Publication date: 10/07/2002